Do you want to customize NEEP documents to reflect your own preferences or office needs? Perhaps you want to include a firm letter head, provide for specific provisions to the Will, or change the organization of a document entirely.  In the future, Premium NEEP subscribers may be able to do all of these things, and even create new documents, by subscribing to NEEP’s Private Library Services.   We hope that our open source approach will enable Premium NEEP registrants to use NEEP documents as a starting point to build whatever they want, or build something new from the ground up.

Private Library Services will be offered under a separate service agreement, at an affordable rate, but  will require that all modifications or new forms created be made using NEEP’s staff or NEEP’s independent contractors.   You provide the direction, we provide you with a tool that you can use over and over again, creating office efficiencies and standardization, which you are sure to appreciate.  If NEEP ever ceases to do business, your private library can, subject to future terms and conditions yet to be established, continue uninterrupted so you can invest in development with confidence.

Let’s build something great!