NEEP is excited to announce that new forms have been added to our Maine automated forms library!  They are:

Caregiver Agreement Template 1

Life Lease

Letter to Client with Recorded Deed

Letter to Doctor with AHCD

Letter to Maine Registries of Deeds

Acknowledgment of Understanding Regarding Jointly Owned Assets

Burial Instructions Template 1

Burial Instructions Template 2 with appointments

Custody and Control of the Body Appointment

What’s Next?

We are still working on core forms (will and trust), which may take several more months to complete our first release of those documents.   In the meantime, by the end of  Febuary we will be adding the following:

Letter to MA Registry of Deeds

Letter to NH Registries of Deeds

Maine Advance Health Care Directive Version 1

Maine Advance Health Care Directive Version 2

Maine HIPPA Notice

Tenancy Agreement

Testamentary SNT Planning Funding Guide for Client

Trust Distribution and Termination

Trust Distribution and Revocation

Trustee Appointment and Acceptance

Trustee Resignation

We also hope to also start on at least a few of the new Maine probate forms, which might also be posted in late February or March.  That’s right!  We are going to automate many of the core Maine probate forms since no longer offers this.  We hope that this convenience will help a lot of practitioners and would appreicate it if you would pass the word along about NEEP.

Currently, NEEP is only available to a few attorneys on a beta testing basis.  If you are interested in registering and trying NEEP on a beta basis, please let us know.

Do you have forms that you think would be helpful to have automated?  Let us know.  You can just describe the type of form that you are looking for or, if you have a sample and are willing to share, mail it to NEEP at PO Box 467, York, Maine 03909.

As a reminder, you must be an attorney licensed in Maine, New Hampshire or Massachusetts to register with NEEP. NEEP is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice.  All forms are “as is” and are subject to our terms of service and should be used with care.