Document Integration

Our document integration solutions allow third parties to integrate information into our forms on a subscription basis which can, at the election of the drafting attorney, be integrated into a will, trust, power of attorney, health care directive, letters of recommendation, and more, with a click of the mouse. Third parties can also integrate videos into the interview process, so that an interested attorney, can stop and learn information about the third party without skipping a beat and forward the link to his or her client.  Customized rate sheets, engagement agreements, checklists or whitepapers can be integrated and created by the drafting attorney saving the attorney time and ensuring that prospective clients have accurate and customized information.  The possibilities are limitless.  Consider the following:

A trust company or bank can, for example, easily ensure that appropriate provisions are integrated into a trust or will that will enable them to serve as trustee and that the drafting attorney can make the integration without additional time delays or added cost.  A real estate agent, financial advisor or life insurance agent can have themselves added to a point and click “list of recommended” advisors, enabling an attorney to incorporate one or more trusted advisors into a referral letter in a snap, and with up to date contact information too.  Professional fiduciaries, including attorneys and trust companies, can include their names in a “corporate trustee” or “independent trustee” automated option list, along with a video introducing themselves and, if selected, ensure that appropriate provisions regarding their terms of service are incorporated into the final document.  Charities can integrate client custom gifting options, how the gift should be described in a will or trust, stay top of mind with attorneys and so much more.  When we put our heads together, the possibilities are limitless.

What will you seek to integrate? Reach out and let’s discuss the possibilities.