Attorney Registration with NEEP Starts January 1, 2020.

NEEP Drafting: Created by lawyers for lawyers to provide both budget friendly and free access to many automated estate planning forms developed specifically for New England states.

NEEP Directory of Professionals & Reviews: All reviews appearing on listings on this website are those of subscribing lawyers.   Lawyers provide NEEP with reviews on a voluntary basis and are not paid or compensated for their reviews.  Lawyers that are subscribers to NEEP are not required to leave reviews as a condition of their use of this site.  The directory on this website is intended help lawyers identify trusted service providers which other lawyers or the public might consult with.  In an age where anyone can leave a review on Google, Yelp, or other sites, NEEP ensures a discerning level of review of a wide range of professionals from an accredited source – lawyers.  Subscribers found on the directory help support this site by paying a subscription listing fee and may advertise on the site and have the option to integrate (see below) pertinent information into forms regularly used by attorneys to ensure greater accuracy and efficiency in the legal office with no increased cost to the client.

NEEP Integrations: At some point in the future, NEEP will offer third parties the opportunity to integrate their information into NEEP forms. Lawyers can, if they choose, select integrated provisions or contacts, streamlining their practice and providing clients with trusted source information without additional time or expense.

NEEP Bells & Whistles: At some point in the future, NEEP may feature additional bells and whistles on this site to increase the site’s usefulness to lawyers.

Security: NEEP does not collect and does not have access to answers file data created during the automation process, which information is processed through a dedicated encrypted server.  NEEP does not receive copies of documents generated in the automation process- only the lawyer creating the interview has control over delivery.