State Specific Automated Legal Forms

Automated forms are essential today if you want to be profitable, reduce errors and reduce your liability exposure. New England Estate Planning (“NEEP”) provides automated forms for estate planning, elder law, and probate for lawyers licensed to practice Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.  Access is only available for lawyers admitted to practice law and not the general public.  Registration is required.

Legal Shareware – For Lawyers

We want to develop and build what you want and need.  NEEP provides a broad set of basic must-have documents for running a practice.  Contributions are encouraged but not required.  Lawyers are encouraged to offer revisions, corrections, or comments to documents that are generated or otherwise available on this site.  There are no perfect forms, but together we can develop better forms that are available to all lawyers licensed to practice law in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts to consult, to use, or freely share in private practice.

Practice & Case Management

NEEP makes checklists, workflow, handouts, and other practice management information available to lawyers registered with this site. Contributions are welcomed but not required. Revisions, comments, or alternatives forms are encouraged, but not required.  There is no perfect practice.  No one size fits all.  However, collectively our individual experiences and method of practice are invaluable, but often they difficult to share or pass down, especially for solo attorneys.  Preserving and sharing that practice knowledge is an important objective of NEEP because it is important to the future of the practice of law as we know it.

Directory of Professionals

Rated by lawyers registered with NEEP, the professionals in the directory offer services that NEEP will host in the near future are professionals frequently used by estate lawyers.  Where appropriate, pertinent information of those professionals can be integrated into the automated planning documents available on NEEP as a quick and easy resource for the drafting attorney. Thus, letters can be quickly addressed, the name and EIN of charitable entities and gifting directions can be accessed with a single click, or a corporate trustee can be properly named and researched within the drafting process and pertinent language integrated with a single click.  NEEP directory members and integrated third parties financially support this site but do not control what lawyers draft using NEEP.

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