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Free State Specific Automated Legal Forms

Running a law practice, or just practicing in a firm, is difficult. We don’t need to tell you why. You know why. Access to automated forms is essential if you want to be profitable, reduce errors and liability exposure and enjoy your practice. There are many reasons why lawyers might practice without an automated document program but an excuse that it is too expensive is not longer one of them. This site makes state specific automated forms for estate planning, elder law and probate attorneys available for free to lawyers. Access is only available for lawyers admitted to practice law and not the general public. Currently only members of the bar in New England are invited to register for access.

Practice & Case Management

You may be a good lawyer but even good lawyers are not always skilled in practice and case management techniques. This site makes checklists, workflow, handouts and other practice management information freely available. Not every lawyer has the benefit of a mentor in practice or case management but we think some of the materials on this site might help bridge that gap. This site is not intended as a complete resource on this topic but a quick fix for the busy attorney. Contributions are welcomed.

Directory of Professionals

Anonymously rated by lawyers registered with this site, the professionals in the directory offer services frequently used by estate lawyers. For a fee and where appropriate, pertinent information of those professionals are integrated into the automated planning documents available on this site as a quick and easy resource for the drafting attorney. Thus, letters can be quickly addressed, the name and EIN of charitable entities and gifting directions can be accessed with a single click, or a corporate trustee can be properly named and/or researched within the drafting process. As more professionals become subscribers, the features available on this site will increase. Planned future additions include state and region listservs and calendars of events, a classified page, job posting board, video library, resource directory, share document library and coaching resources.

If you appreciate the tools available on this site, please consider rating the professionals that appear in the directory (ratings are visible to the public), networking with or using those professionals when a need arises, encouraging professionals you use to register with us and subscribing to one of the inter-professional listservs that this site plans to host so that you can plug in to that professional community.